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Honest And Unbiased E-Cigarette Reviews

Smart online shoppers invariably visit web-based review sites to find out the ratings of products they desire to purchase. They have, through trial and error, found out genuine review sites that offer honest and unbiased information. The market for e-cigs is growing at an astonishing rate, and this upward trend has shown no sign of abating. Keeping this in mind, manufacturers of low-quality e-cigs, in order to promote the sales of their digital cigarettes, often resort to negative marketing. They employ professional writers to write bad reviews about leading brands and post them on review sites owned by them. These bogus review sites invariably start off by posting negative reports about leading brands of e-cigs, and say that a specific brand (the brand belonging to the manufacturer who hired them to write the post), is the best available in the market.

Fleecing innocent customers
Such blog posts often trap gullible persons, specifically first-time smokers of e-cigs, who have no idea about the leading brands. Therefore, the first thing they should do is to check several review sites and check the top 10 e-cigs listen on them. With a bit of trial and error, they can easily determine the e-cig market leaders. Those interested in switching over to electronic cigarettes should also join several forums dedicated to e-cigs. The members of these forums discuss the latest e-cig trend as well as the best brands of the year. On many occasions, the manufacturers of e-cigs offer a couple of their latest e cigs to the moderator (typically an e-cigarette guru) of such forums for evaluation purposes. The seasoned moderator posts his honest opinion about that brand on his forum. Other members of these forums also chip in with their contributions by posting comments about e-cigarettes they have found useful, and those that are not worth purchasing.

Best E Cigs Reviews – 2017 Best Electronic Cigarettes
V2 was one of the industry leaders in 2016. It has consolidated its position after the release of the EX line of products and has shot up to the top of the charts in 2017, despite stiff competition from its rivals. Apart from its build quality, it offers some of the most diversified selection of flavored e-juices, available in different nicotine strengths. V2 does not compromise with the quality of its products, despite offering e-cigs at affordable prices. This brand, preferred by connoisseurs of vaping, is ideal for beginners who want to shift to e-cigarettes. Two of their latest offerings include the VERTEX and the VERTEX plus.

Halo, despite increasing the performance of their e-cigarettes by enhancing its hardware, is finding it tough to touch the top spot. However, as it is still June, they might be able to topple V2. Their selection of e-juices is slightly less than that offered by the market leader. If Halo is able to increase its repertoire of E-liquids, it will become a strong contender for the e-cig of the year. Although this company was launched only three years ago, it has increased its reputation and market share by offering e-liquids manufactured in America from the onset. During those days, most manufacturers of digital cigarettes used to source their e-juices from China.

It would be a grave injustice to write reviews about e-cigs without mentioning Juul. Its e-cigarettes are extremely stylish and boast of a robust design. These factors apart, their e-cigs are easy to use, affordable, and typically outperform its expensive rivals. It is the only company that includes four free e-juice cartridges… each of them boasting of a different flavor. This allows the user to taste different flavors and purchase the one he likes after exhausting the free cartridges. Its magnetic USB charging port means that you only need to bring the power supply end of the cord close to its USB port, and it will automatically attract it and dock with it.

How to confirm if a review site is genuine
You should only trust review portals that provide their own review and include a link to the manufacturer’s website as well. This allows you to compare the information provided by the reviewer along with the details found on the manufacturer’s site. If the information provided by the review website tallies with the information on the website of the manufacturer, bookmark that review site for use in the future.

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