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Those who would like to quit smoking often have a hard time because the habit is too deeply embedded into their system. They try a lot of different methods for quitting but most of them fail to get them off for good. One of the few things that seem to work with a good percentage of success is the use of electronic cigarettes. You have probably seen some of your friends and colleagues carrying them around. You can try them, too. Buy a starter kit that comes complete with everything you need to begin. You can check the best electronic cigarette 2017 from Here’s a rundown of the categories:

Cigarette Style

These e-cigs look just like your regular tobacco stick with a long and narrow cylindrical shape. It is composed of the rechargeable battery and the atomizer. The simple and sleek design has a lot of appeal. It is also easy to use, making it ideal for novices that don’t want to deal with technical matters just yet. They just want to try and enjoy vaping to see if it’s for them. Here, you will only need to make sure that the battery is charged. You can then screw on a new tip or cartomizer. Begin puffing right away.

The design makes sense as it makes the transition nearly seamless from tobacco to e-cigs. They look alike and feel the same except for the weight. It is not a surprise that product engineers came up with this first before venturing into different design concepts. Models with this style remain highly popular so you should be able to find several options in your local stores or online. There is no need to purchase additional e-liquids as the tip comes filled with it. Check the nicotine level if you are specifically using it to aid in quitting smoking.

Ego Style

The cigarette style model will be more than enough for many. After a while, however, some might begin to check out other options on the market. Try the ego style models to see if these are better for you. These have a larger tank so they can hold more liquid and last for much longer. You will also have the ability to purchase your own e-liquids and try out a myriad of flavors. You will no longer be confined to one brand. You can even mix your own if you want to and come up with interesting concoctions.

It is also possible to increase the voltage with these models unlike in first generation devices. With more power, the vapor production is better and the throat hit gets stronger. Some people might be attracted because of this additional feature. This gives a different feeling that can be more satisfying, particularly for those who would like a heightened experience. These models are composed of three parts including the battery, the tank, and finally the atomizer. Having the tank and atomizer be separate entities allows for better flexibility. It also makes it easier to replace specific parts when needed.

E-cig Mods

For the ultimate in control, experienced vapers turn to modified e-cigarettes. The first two styles are suitable for beginners and intermediate users. After a while, however, people tend to look for more in terms of features. This class of advanced e-cigs gives them that in spades. The tanks are much bigger with the ability to hold great volumes of e-liquids. Advanced users can even build their own to suit their preferences. There are also variants which can accept drops of liquid on the atomizer for a few puffs. Choose according to your own inclination.

Pay attention to the battery as well. If you are the type that enjoys variable voltage, then look for that kind of component. Some can even provide you with variable wattage. Tweaks the settings and reach as high as 100 watts worth of power output for intense vapor production. Just be sure to get them from trusted brands to guarantee stability and reduce the risk of accidents. With all the incidents of overheating and explosion, one cannot be too careful in product selection. Read users reviews to see how others like promising mods and seek the help of experienced individuals if you are trying to get you first one.

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